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Internet Security Information New BASH virus of Shellshock

Published on: September 25, 2014

Warnings have been issued about a 'catastrophic' security flaw affecting one of the most important interfaces powering the web.

Experts claim the bug may pose a serious threat to computers using Unix-based operating systems including Linux and Apple's Mac OS X - and in turn, could spread to all internet-connected devices.

Bash is the software used to control the command prompt on many Unix computers, and the bug can exploit it to take complete control of a system.

The impact is very severe, it’s not overstating it to say it’s a more serious bug than Heartbleed,’

The bug, which also goes by the name 'Shellshock', could potentially allow hackers to gain access to every internet-enabled device in a person's home using something as innocuous as a smart lightbulb.

The danger with this, in particular, is that once it has access to an internet-connected device it can jump onto others. This includes smart locks that open front doors.