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Senior Checking

JSB’s special checking account for customers age 62 and over comes with exclusive benefits such as a free annual box of checks. You’ll also enjoy no minimum balance requirements, monthly service charges, transaction fees, or statement processing fees with our Senior Checking. Enjoy the freedom to live your best life without worrying about your bank account.

Senior Checking Account Details

  • Minimum to open: $50.00
  • Monthly Service Charge: No monthly service charge or transaction fees.
  • Requirements: Primary account holder must be age 62 or over.
  • Statement Processing Fee: No statement processing fee.
  • Check Orders: One box of checks at no charge per calendar year.
  • Waive CD Penalty: One per year for withdrawals up to $10,000.00

Ready to open a Senior Checking account? Call us at 304-876-9000, send us an email, or visit one of our locations in Shepherdstown, Martinsburg, Charles Town, Inwood or Sharpsburg to get started.

Complimentary Services

This one’s on us! Services that are available to you at no charge, courtesy of JSB.

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Saving Accounts.

With any savings account, the best time to start saving is always now! Get started with a savings account and start planning your future today.