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Jefferson Security Bank is dedicated to providing the community with financial education and the resources to make healthy financial decisions. 


Financially Savvy Guide to Car Buying

In the market for a new set of wheels? The firs step is to figure out how much you can afford. And if you don't have enough cash on hand - how to apply for a loan. 


How to Refinance A mortgage

Have mortgage rates dropped since you bought your last house? Has the price of your home increased? If so, you might be able to save a ton of money simply by refinancing your mortgage.


Saving should be your biggest expense

A solid savings plan is not out of reach. The key is for you to take action work saving into your budget. 


How To Create A Budget

If you’re looking to improve your overall financial health, creating and sticking to a budget may be one of the most important steps you take. However, getting started can be overwhelming. Even when you have a budget in place, it may be difficult to follow it. Read on to learn how you can create a budget that you can actually follow.

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